Our lab strives to advance the understanding of freshwaters in a changing world by cultivating collaborative and interdisciplinary teams of scientists, managers, and other community members. We integrate intensive field studies, cutting-edge data science, and diverse modeling/forecasting approaches to understand the feedbacks between human activities and lake and reservoir ecosystems. We are an enthusiastic group with a supportive lab culture and we inspire each other to grow as leaders, educators, and innovators.

We co-developed this lab mission statement at our annual retreat in 2019, updated it in 2020, 2021, and 2022, and will let it continue to evolve over time as the lab grows. In parallel, we co-crafted a Lab Code of Conduct and a Diversity and Inclusion Statement, which were developed with the goal of affirming our shared values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Both of these are living documents that we revisit and update annually at our lab retreat. To access our Lab Authorship Guidelines and other helpful resources, check out our GitHub documents.

Safe, inclusive, and harassment-free environments don’t just happen: they are created by both 1) day-to-day interactions we all have with each other, and 2) ensuring that DEI is embedded in the group’s longer-term strategic decisions. It is the responsibility of all members of our group to work together to create and maintain a safe, inclusive, harassment-free environment for all.

Our lab is guided by our values of:

  • Innovation through integrative freshwater science;
  • Inclusivity through collaborative team science;
  • Integrity through open, reproducible research;
  • Iterative learning through teaching, leadership, and mentorship; and
  • Enthusiasm through our commitment to each other and our community.


Photo of our Lab Retreat 2019 (when we could all be together in person!)